Osmosis Catalyst AC-11 DNA Repair Serum


Increased skin rejuvenation through DNA repair and cellular stimulation.

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Catalyst AC-11 (Level 3 DNA Repair Serum) activates DNA repair of our own cells. It is a powerful repair botanical that helps reverse aging in the skin, reduce pigmentation and scar tissue. Helps to aid skin function for a more youthful appearance, boost collagen and elastin. It also helps to even skin tone and texture.

Zinc Finger (patent technology) provides the tools the skin needs to repair DNA and cellular damage, as well as stimulate collagen production. Catalyst AC-11 is the most potent version because it contains higher levels of Zinc Finger Technology and the research-proven DNA repair tool known as AC-11. AC-11 has been shown to increase DNA repair by 33%. In addition to the increase in potency, this version of Catalyst contains Aloe, Zinc and Vitamin E which makes it more soothing. The combination of technologies makes this a remarkable product for aging, capillaries, pigmentation, skin tags and more.

NOTE: We highly recommend Clear or Clear Plus+ to be used in conjunction with every facial serum to help enhance penetration and delivery of ingredients.

Directions – Shake bottle, apply 1-2 pumps directly to the skin AM and PM. May be combined with other serums. Massage thoroughly  until absorbed and follow with 5 pumps of clear or clear+ massage again until fully absorbed.*Color may darken over time, this is normal and will not compromise the efficacy.